SEO & Affiliate Marketing

About The Course:

SEO is the continuous process to increase organic traffic to your website by obtaining a higher ranking on the search engine result page for specific keywords. Our SEO classes are conducted by expert trainers to teach you the necessary skills to make you an SEO expert. We provide theoretical knowledge as well as practical insights to understand how SEO works in the market place and how to launch a successful SEO campaign. You will learn a wide range of skills includes: including Keyword Research, Website Audit, Competitor Analysis, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page SEO, Backlink Analysis, etc will enhance your expertise and will ensure online success. On the other hand, affiliate marketing is the process of earning money each time an affiliate promotes someone else’s product or service, and a sale is made. Our affiliate marketing course will help you understand the marketing techniques, details of selecting a profitable niche, setting up a website, and making you familiar with the latest trends, and much more. We share the tools, checklist, videos, and resources with the students. We also conduct practical SEO and affiliate marketing training sessions in our labs for the students to enhance their learning. On completion of this course, you will learn to apply new concepts and marketing strategies to become a successful Amazon affiliate marketer. NATION IT LIMITED offers a complete SEO and Affiliate Marketing Course in Bangladesh that covers basic and advanced topics to be an expert in this field.

Course Name: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Course Duration: 2 Months + Internship

Total Class: 26 + Internship

Class Duration: (2 hours a Day, 3 Days a Week)

Course Fee: 10,000Tk

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Course Module

Niche Selection

Keyword Research

Competition Analysis

Website Setup

Affiliate Account Creation

Affiliate Link Placement

Promotion & Branding

Link Building & Outreach

Conversion Rate Optimization

Website Audit





Software Taught




Duration: 2 Month

Total Class – 30

(2 hours a Day, 3 Days in a Week)


Basic Knowledge on Using Computer.

Career Opportunity

Online Marketer

Market Researcher

SEO Expert


Affiliate Marketer

Local Business

SEO Service Provider

Job Opportunity