3D Animation

About The Course:

The process of generating three dimensional moving images in a digital environment is called 3D animation. Mainly it has three sections –

1. Modeling

2. Layout and animation

3. Rendering

Modeling is generating 3D objects in a certain scene. The next phase is done by positioning and animating. And the last phase, rendering, is the output of the completed result. The techniques used in 3D Animation involve appearance sketching, appearance modeling, arena building, camera setup, texturing, alteration, bonding, and rendering. Cinema 4D, Autodesk MAYA & Autodesk 3ds Max are the names of some of the best 3D animation software. At Creative IT, we highly focus on Autodesk MAYA and teach our students to be the best in the industry.

Course Name: 3D Animation

Course Duration: 5 Months
Total Class: 60
Class Duration: (2 hours a Day, 3 Days in a Week)
Course Fee: 15000Tk

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Course Module

Interface Overview

Polygonal Modeling

NURBS Modeling

Character Modeling

UV Mapping

Materials & Texturing







Software Taught

Autodesk Maya

Marvelous Designer


Substance Painter


Duration: 5 Month

Total Class – 60

(2 hours a Day, 3 Days in a Week)


Basic Knowledge on Using Computer.

Career Opportunity

Art Director

Compositing Artist

storyboard Artist

Game Designer

Fashion Figure Designer

3D Model Artist

Rig Artist


Texture Artist

Interior & Exterior Designer